Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Onslaught Press, UK publishes The Eight-Eyed Lord of Kathmandu by Abhay K

About the Book

"In these rapturous poems Abhay K. catches the allure & mystique of Kathmandu; its maze of medieval streets, its thronged bazaars, its twilit courtyards.
We taste the aromas of its ancient alleyways & the drift of incense from its crumbling temples. We hear in them the raucous chant of its life. Abhay K. is the all-seeing eye, the seer who brings to light a city & its people with a rare immediacy of speech and a boundless imaginative empathy.
This young, visionary poet communes beautifully with his beloved Kathmandu in a superbly crafted, exquisitely achieved collection that chronicles the life and times of a city and a people."

"(A) splendid sequence of praise, dazzlement, and wonder." -- Vijay Seshadri, Winner, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

The Book is available on the website of The Onslaught Press and from Amazon UK.

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