Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We Have Come Far- Art Exhibition of Abhay K curated by Suneet Chopra

Life is a profusion of different colours, forms, shapes and  stages of development and Abhay's art which is essentially Naive Art reflects all these stages in a spontaneous manner and then this spontaneity has its own sequences and its own approach to reality. What I find fascinating about his work is that he goes from very individual signs to broader symbols so that you can understand the individual impact of colour and form at any particular time as well as (get) general understanding of certain colours and forms. So his art is not just an individual expression it is also rooted in general forms, colours and (their)developments.

Abhay's art can be understood as the attempt of self taught artists to capture life around them and express their emotions. As a genre it is part of Naive Art and it is interesting how he uses a blend of dots, lines, colours, spaces and even geometric shapes to give us a rounded picture of the works he is exhibiting here (We Have Come Far). Naive art has a special quality in that it is very closely related to the expression of the artist and it has in fact also references to a number of art forms. For example a number of his works remind you of Cubists, there are others that remind you of Pointillists, and other forms of art; however the way he has blended them all together is his own and the way he has progressed through the whole exhibition is also his own.

-Suneet Chopra