Poetry Books Authored by Abhay K.

The Magic of Madagascar (forthcoming )
The Alphabets of Latin America (Bloomsbury India 2020)
The Prophecy of Brasilia (Colletivo Editorial, Brazil 2018)
The Eight-Eyed Lord Of Kathmandu (Bloomsbury India 2018/ UK)/ Published in Nepali as Jatra ( Kathalaya, 2015)
The Seduction Of Delhi (Bloomsbury India, 2014)
Remains (HarAnand, 2012)
Candling the Light ( Yash, 2011)
Fallen Leaves of Autumn (Eng-Rus Bilingual) ( ArtXpress 2010)
Enigmatic Love (Bookwell, 2009)

Poetry Books Edited by Abhay K.

 The Bloomsbury Book of Great Indian Love Poems
100 Great Indian Poems
100 More Great Indian Poems
New Brazilian Poems
The Bloomsbury Anthology of Great Indian Poems
100 Grandes Poemas da Índia
Cien Grandes Poemas de la India
100 Grandi Poesie Indiane
Tononkalo Indianina 100 Tsara Indriandra
100 Grands Poèmes Indiens

Poems in Anthologies 
The Bloomsbury Book of Great Indian Love Poems (2020)
The Lie of the Land ( Sahitya Akademi 2020)
The Bloomsbury Anthology of Great Indian Poems (2019)
Modern English Poetry by Younger Indians (Sahitya Akademi 2019)
The Himalayan Arc (Harper Collins 2018)
Poets’ Travelogue: The Grand Indian Express (Blue Lotus Publications 2016 )
Contemporary Indian Poetry Issue of Enchanting Verses Literary Review (2015)
Big Bridge Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry (2015)
Journeys Along The Silk Road (The Lost Tower, UK, 2015)
Poets Of India (Seventh Quarry, Wales, UK, 2014)
The Dance of the Peacock (HiddenBrooks, Canada 2013)
Harmonious Palette ( Russia, 2011)
Inclinations (USA, 2008)
A Moment of Deja Vu  ( Forward Press, UK 2007)
Natural Spirit ( Forward Press, UK  2006)

Poems in the Literary Journals

Poetry Salzburg Review (Austria)
Gargoyle ( USA )
Asia Literary Review (Hong Kong)
The Culturium, UK
Marguette, Italy
Gallerie, India
The Galway Review (Ireland)
Tiempo Argentina
The Booksmovie(Spain)
Sarasvati Quarterly (UK)
Mud Season Review (USA)
The Enchanting Verses Literary Review
The Stony Thursday Book (Ireland)
Drunk Monkeys (USA)
Şiirden (Turkey)
The Byword
Long Exposure Magazine (UK)
Rupantar (Nepal)
The Dhauli Review
Spaces Nepal
Muse India
The Week, Republica
Kavya Bharati
Of Nepalese Clay
Madhupark (Nepal)
Poetry at Sangam
Poetry Atlas(London)
Seventh Quarry (Wales, UK)
Chiaroscuro (London)
An Gael (New York)
The Missing Slate (Pakistan)
Indian Literature
Journal Of Poetry Society Of India
The Brown Critique
The Kathmandu Post
Nagrik (Akshar)
Teesta Rangeet
Literary St. Petersburg
Women's St. Petersburg
Word Catalyst
Severnaya Aurora
Nevsky Almanac
Kalpataru Express
Enchanting Verses Literary Review
Muse India
READ : Literary journal of Nepal Literature Festival
The Journal of the Poetry Society of India (Book Review)
Diplomat, London
Diplomat Magazine, The Hague
Madras Courier


Poetry & Diplomacy Journal of Art and Literature, Nepal Academy Vol 8
Poetry & Poets Journal of Art and Literature, Nepal Academy Vol 9

Short Stories

That Evening Storm
A Day Opens Slowly

Translations Published in Other Languauges

Earth Anthem translated in over 50 major global languages.

Poetry translated in Russian, Irish, Chinese, Nepali, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovene, 

River Valley to Silicon Valley and Colours Of Soul translated in Russian 

The Eight-Eyed Lord of Kathmandu translated into Nepali 

Translations from Other Languages  done by Abhay K.

Meghaduta by Kalidasa-Translated from Sanskrit
Ritusamhara by Kalidasa-Translated from Sanskrit
New Brazilian Poems- Translated from Portuguese 
Uttering Her Name by Gabriel Rosenstock- Translated from English into Hindi


Cvet Dushi (Russian)/ Colours of the Soul (2010) on Art Life in St. Petersburg
River Valley to Silicon Valley (Bookwell, 2007)/ Published in Russian as V Put Ot Rechnoi Dolini (Svetaslav, 2008)

Articles/Columns in Newspapers
  1.  What Kalidasa teaches us about Lockdown, Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss (Madras Courier, April 2020)
  2. A common anthem for our planet: why do I seek Earth Anthem (Daily O, 31 March 2019)
  3. How India can popularize Vasudhaiva Kutumvakam (Daily O, 28 Jan 2018)
  4. Why India needs a poetry library for posterity ( Daily O, 3 Jan 2018)
  5.  Why the world needs International Day of Diplomats ( 12 Oct 2017)
  6.  In Memory of Cecilia Meireles ( Daily  O, 28 July 2017)
  7. My connection with poet Derek Walcott ( Daily O, March 2017)
  8. How Delhi compares with other capital cities ( Daily O, Jan 2017)
  9. Creating A Poetic Portrait of The Planet The Kathmandu Post (21 March 2015)
  10. Singing the same song, The Kathmandu Post (5 June 2014)
  11. Towards an official Earth Anthem, Asia News Network(ANN), China Daily (April 2014), The Korea Herald (April 2014)
  12. Towards an official Earth Anthem in fight to protect the planet, The China Post(April 2014)
  13. An Earth Anthem, The Daily Star, Bangladesh (April 2014)
  14. Nepalese Literature: An introduction, Marg Asia (March 2014)
  15. Yoga and Indian Way of Life The Kathmandu Post (March 2014)
  16. A Poet for the World The Kathmandu Post (March 2014)
  17. Time to go mobile in Indian Elections (March 2014)
  18. Poetry & Poets  The Himalayan Times (Feb 2014)
  19. A Song for South Asia  HaveeruOnline, Maldives (Jan 2014)
  20. SAARC Anthem to celebrate our South Asianess The Sunday Times, Colombo (Dec 2013)
  21. The SAARC Spirit India Writes (Dec 2013) 
  22. Celebrating Our South Asianess The Daily Star, Dhaka (Dec 2013)
  23. Strengthening Synergy: Need of a SAARC Anthem  The Kathmandu Post ( Nov 2013)
  24. Innovations in Public Diplomacy University of Southern California (Nov 2013)
  25. In poetry we trust The Kathmandu Post (Oct 2013)
  26. Why We Need An Earth Anthem India Writes ( June 2013)
  27. An Anthem for the Earth The Kathmandu Post (May 2013)
  28. Karnali Highs The Kathmandu Post (May 2013)
  29. A Poetic Journey in the Himalayas The Kathmandu Post (April 2013)
  30. In the Service of Poetry The Kathmandu Post (March 2013)
  31. Is Poetry Really Dead   The Kathmandu Post (February 2013)
  32. Two Shades of Passion  The Kathmandu Post (Nov 2012)
  33. Next-Generation Democracy  Millennium Post( Oct 2012)
  34. Coming together for better or verse  Millennium Post(July 2012)
  35. Travails of an Author   Millennium Post (May 2012)
  36. Searching for Dara Shikoh in Delhi Millennium Post (May 2012)
  37. Re-branding Bihar , The Bihar Times (February 2012 )
  38. The Common Man's Voice  The Times of India(Dec 2011),
  39. Reavealed: How IFS Officers Are Groomed  Rediff ( August 2011)
  40. India's Country Brand Values Can Help The World (July 2011)
  41. 9 Core Values Rediff (June 2011)
  42. IPv6: Is Your Website Ready  Rediff (June 2011)
  43. UNPA Can Democratize Global Governance Viewspaper (June 2011)
  44. UN, IMF, World Bank Come Closer to People  Governance Now (May 2011)
  45. Propaganda vs. Public  Diplomacy   Rediff (May 2011)
  46. India's Lead in GOV2.0 University of Southern California CPD (March 2011)
  47. Twitter-Instant Voice of the Planet Turns Five  Governance Now (March 2011) 
  48. All We Need is Civic Sense  Viewspaper (March 2011)
  49. India: A Great Softpower in CPDblog University of Southern California(Feb 2011)
  50. India Is Fast Becoming Asia's Art & Literary Hub (January 2011)
  51. What Makes the 21st Century Different from the 20th? (January 2011)
  52. Birth Of Global Democracy  Times Of India (January 2011)
  53. Inspiring Obamas CPD Blog University of Southern California (December 2010)
  54. Art Exhibition For the Starters and What to Appreciate (November 2010)
  55. Beyond Diplomacy (October 2010)
  56. Asian Renaissance (26th August 2010)
  58. THE POWER OF CULTURE (August 2010)
  63. THOUGHTS ON HOME (April 2009)
  64. WHAT IS LITERATURE (June 2008)
  65. WHAT IS TIME (APRIL 2008)
  66. READING GOGOL IN 21ST CENTURY (February 2008)
  67. WHEN WISHES COME TRUE (December 2007)
  68. MY GRAND PA -A LIFE (December 2007)
  69. VINCENT VAN GOGH- A LIFE (June 2007)
  71. ECO-AUDITING MY LIFE (June 2006)
  72. ONE YEAR IN BLOGGING (April 2006)
  74. MOSCOW MUSINGS (Oct 2005)
  75. A SUNDAY IN MOSCOW (Aug 2005)
  76. SEVEN WISHES (April 2005)
  77. WHAT GITA SPEAKS TO US-II(April 2005)
  78. WHAT GITA SPEAKS TO US-I(April 2005)
  79. HEART MATTERS (April 2005)