Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Letter from Bairagi Kainla, the living legend of Nepali Literature to poet-diplomat Abhay K

English Translation-

I got an opportunity to go through your thought-provoking piece of writing published in The Kathmandu Post on 4th November 2012 titled "Two Shades of Passion" on diplomatic personalities and poets.

I feel extremely happy after reading the article.

It is said that the poets are not perfect about practical things but as you have mentioned in your article with illustrations about the the famous diplomat-poets who received the Nobel Prize in literature. It has elevated the stature of poet, poet-ism and poetry. I look forward to reading such excellent writings and waiting for anthology of your poems. Congratulations with best wishes!

-Bairagi Kainla,
Nepal Academy

Poetry and Diplomacy: Nobel Laureates poet-diplomats