Monday, August 29, 2011

Best of SAARC Poetry

Abhay K. has listed below some of the best poems from Beyond Borders: An anthology of SAARC poetry edited by Ashok Vajpayee published by Rainbow Publishers in 2002 in association with Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Delhi

Fatima Hassan

I can also Live like the Wind 

For you
I am the bitter Neem tree
Its fruit you cannot taste
Even if you wanted to
All you can do is rest for a while
In its shade
For I am also green in colour.
Some time back a jinn used to live in me
But after a long journey
I refused to recognize him as a jinn
And he was offended.

I did not try to placate him
Since the lessons the passing seasons have taught me
Include this lesson:
I can also live like the wind.

Translated from Urdu by Asif Aslam Farrukhi

Perveen Shakir

Where Do I figure in Your Life, My Love?

Where do I figure in your life, my love?
In the freshness of the morning breeze
Or in the sheen of the evening star.
In the reluctant drizzle
Or in the laughing rain,
In the cool of moonlit night
Or in the indifference of afternoons.
In deep thoughts
Or in some casual tune?
How do you take me?
As a puff of cigarette
A toast for weather?
Of that famous temporal tragedy
In which one love affair is dead
And the other not yet born.
Am I your summer resort?
Or just one long weekend?

Where do I figure in your life, my love?
(translated from Urdu by Lesilie Lavinge and Baidur Bakht)

M.A. Nuhman

When I was waiting for the White Dove

I was waiting in my courtyard
For the arrival of the white dove

The hawk came first
And took away my chiks

Came a vulture
And landed on the coconut tree
In my courtyard

It purges a volley of shells
Tearing apart my house and living
My souls withers
And I am refugee once again.

(Translated from Tamil by Sumathy and the author)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Abhay K.s visit to the United States (17 June-16 July 2011)

Abhay K. visited Washington DC where he studied American Foreign Policy at the Elliot School,  George Washington University, visited Harvard Univerity and MIT in Boston, United Nations and New York Times Headquarters in New York, Farm Houses in Wisconsin and Silicon Valley and Stanford University in San Francisco. (17 June-16 July 2011)