Saturday, January 3, 2015

Award-winning American Poet Dorianne Laux on Abhay K's The Seduction of Delhi

Well crafted and imagined, these poems provide kaleidoscopic, impressionistic snapshots of Delhi, readers in the East and West can easily access and believe. As if "whispering classified secrets," they establish their own "officialese"--their own lexicon for naming and navigating the scenes and settings they explore. All the while, Abhay K's poems meditate on what it means for landscape and memory to constantly reshape history and our experience of it. The many "edifices crumbling metamorphizing into boutiques" in this collection remind us of the importance of laying claim to the present so that we can step more confidently into the uncertain topography of the future. 
— DORIANNE LAUX, Award-winning American Poet 

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