Sunday, June 9, 2013

Praise for the Earth Anthem writen, produced by poet-diplomat Abhay K

First of all, my congratulations to you Abhay for this very important step that you have taken for uniting everybody, for them realize what a fragile place we live in, how important it is for us to realize its fragility and ensure its unity and that's really the message that comes through your anthem. I think what you have done today is to take a very big step forward in persuading us to identify with the planet Earth.
--Union Cabinet Minister Kapil Sibal 

Abhay has come up with an anthem for the equator and the planet, that is incredible, for that Abhay, I congratulate you.You walk in illustrious footsteps (of W.H. Auden who wrote the hymn to the UN)) Abhay.
--Dr. Shashi Tharoor

The world and posterity owes you for the Anthem. Sublime even more with that mellifluous  voice of Shreya Sotang.
-- Amb. Rudi Warjiri

Inspiring Earth Anthem.
-- The Himalayan Times 

Truly Remarkable.
-- Amb. Leela K. Ponappa

What a brilliant idea Abhay! You will find a place in history as the author of the Earth Anthem, when it becomes widely sung and established as the song of Mother Earth
-- Amb. T.P. Sreenivasan

Hearty congratulations Abhay! Hope we become more conscious of our responsibilities to the Mother Earth or else the day will not be far when we will be consigned to stone age.
-- Amb. Gauri Shankar Gupta

Heartiest congratulations Abhay on a spectacular achievement and a unique contribution to a noble cause  through a popular medium.

-- Amb. Harsh Bhasin

Earth Anthem by Abhay K.

What a superb idea, Abhay- heartiest congratulations on your originality. Indeed, it will serve all the purposes you mention very well, and more.
--Amb. Saurabh Kumar

Many congratulations! I read the Earth Anthem, it is wonderful with pious sentiments for peace, unity and brotherhood. That is the way to go and it is so thoughtful of you! I fully share your ideas and strongly believe in the oneness of this world.
--Anjani Sahai, IFS 2003
My congrats to you for your innovative idea and contribution for the preservation of Mother Earth. Hope a collective mindset overtakes individual greed to plunder the earth for personal gains.

--Amb. Paramjit Sahai

 Congrats for this unique achievement.
--Amb. Yogendra Kumar

My warm felicitations to you on your huge contribution.
-- Amb. Surendra Kumar

Bravo dear Abhay.Very impressive indeed.
--Amb. Banashri Bose Harrison

Very good, Abhay. Wish you all success in making an impact with this fine gesture.
--Amb. Kishan S. Rana

This is truly good stuff.  Well done, and congratulations.
--Amb. Manpreet Vohra

Great achievement. Very proud of you Abhay.

--Atul M. Ghotsurve, IFS 2005

Feel proud of you Abhay. Congratulations.
--Rajeev Kumar, IFS 2001

 You have made us proud...Badhai ho!
--Tshering Wangchuk Sherpa IFS 2002 

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