Friday, October 29, 2010

eGov 2.0 Award 2010

 Abhay K. along with Navdeep Suri receiving eGov 2.0 2010 Award at the Claridges in New Delhi
Abhay K. along with the momento of eGov 2.0 award 2010

The story began on Thursday 8th July 2010 when Abhay K. opened a Twitter account for the Public Diplomacy Division  with the handle 'IndianDiplomacy' and put the first official tweet  -'Special Issue of India Pespectives on Tagore at ' . The rest is history. Accounts on Facebook, Youtube, Blogspot, Scribd & Issuu followed which caught the imagination of the mainstream media. About 16 stories appeared in HT, ToI, Mail Today, Tehelka etc. on the social media initiatives of the Public Diplomacy Division. And finally the award came on Thursday 28th October 2010. It was a victory of team work, able leadership of Navdeep Suri who fought many battles to let Abhay K continue implementing his vision.

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