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Madras Courier (India, Jan 2024)

Cerebration (USA Spring Summer 2023)

Cross Currents (USA, September 2022)
Diplomacy & Fire and Sermon

Cronograf (Romania, June 2022)
Selected Haiku from The Magic of Madagascar
(translated into Romanian by Olivia Iocab)

CONFESIUNI (Romania May 2022)
Selected Poems from Stray Poems
(translated into Romanian by Olivia Iocab)

Poezia (Romania, Spring 2022)
Selected Haiku from The Magic of Madagascar
(translated into Romanian by Olivia Iocab)

Acolada ( Romania, April 2022)
Diplomatie (translated into Romanian by Olivia Iocab)

Saranga (USA, Mar 2022)
Convorbiri Literare (Romania, Feb 2022)
Selected poems from The Alphabets of Latin America
(translated into Romanian by Olivia Iocab)

Scroll ( India, Feb 2022)

Acolada (Romania, Feb 2022)
Selected poems from The Alphabets of Latin America
(translated into Romanian by Olivia Iocab)

Caffe Dissensus (India, Dec 2021)
Saranga (USA,  Oct 2021)
Vallejo & Co ( Peru , July 2021)
Chipmunk ( India, June 2021) 
Creative Flight ( India, Vol 2, Issue I, April 2021)

Punto (Italy, March 2021)

Poliscritture (Italy, Feb 2021)
The Gorkha Times (Nepal, Feb 2021)

The Punch Magazine (India, Feb 2021)
The Dhaka Review (Bangladesh, Jan 2021)
Two Poems

Scroll (India, Dec 2020)

Beltway Poetry Quarterly (Washington DC, July 2020)

Setu (USA, June 2020)

Scroll (India, May 2020) 

Margutte, Italy (April 2020)
10 Haiku from Madagascar

Madras Courier ( India, Jan 2020)
In Defence of Lies

Madras Courier ( India, Dec 2019)

Madras Courier ( India,  Oct 2019)
Sunfeast: Poems from Goa

Madras Courier (India, Sept 2019)
Moon Anthem

Madras Courier ( India, July 2019)

Madras Courier ( India, May 2019)
The Fire & Sermon

Margutte (Italy, December 2018)
Come, Mt. Etna wakes up, To the Tiger's Nest, Mysterious Lady of Konark,
Monologue of a subordinate 

Kitaab (Singapore, Nov 2018)
Sherpa, A Migrant Worker, A Dance Bar Girl, Sidhhartha, Swayambhunath

The Kathmandu Tribune (Nov 2018)
Pashupatinath, Pokhara, Tribhuwan Airport, Teej, Gai Jatra

The Culturium (UK, July 2018)
Soul Song, I wish, When my breath becomes air, Poetry cemetery, Aryaghat,
Swaymbhunath, Gai Jatra, Divine Comedy in Brasilia, Sanctury of Dom Bosco,
Temple of Goodwill, Earth Anthem

Hawk and Whippoorwill (Boston, Summer issue June 2018)

The Aleph Review (Issue 2, February 2018)
Two Poems

Life and Legends (January 2018)
Five Poems ( Work, Teej, Pashupatinath, Thamel, Janakpur)

Correio Brasiliense (Dec 2017)
Soul Song translated into Portuguese by Luci Collin

Setu Mag (October 2017)
Six Poems ( San Marino, Bandar Seri Begawan, Paramaribo, Noukchott, Iguashu Falls Brazil, Mbabane-Lobamba)

Madras Courier (September 2017)

The Partitioned Land (August 2017)

International Gallerie (August 2017)
Human and Bees, Earth Anthem

Correio Musa Rara (April 2017)
Poesia do Mundo

Madras Courier (March 2017)
An Evening in the Amazon

Correio Braziliense ( 2017)
Brasilia, Poesia e Sonhos, Uma Noite na Amazonas, Pandu, O Massagista em Goa, Delhi As I am (Translated into Portuguese by Ana Paula Arendt), Borges (Translated into Portuguese by Fransesca Cricelli)

Muse India (January 2017)
Dili, Muscat, Gaborone, Brasilia, Lima

Gargoyle (Washington DC December 2016)

Madras Courier (India, November, 2016)
Two Poems

Poetry Salzburg Review (Issue 30, Austria, Autumn 2016)
Three Poems

Asia Literary Review (Issue 31, Hong Kong, August, 2016)
Hiuen Tsang

The Galway Review (Ireland, June, 2016)
Four Poems (Rabat, Tunis, Luanda, Djibouti)

Poems in Portuguese translated by Antonio Miranda (Brazil, April 2016)
Último Adeus a meu Pai, Querendo dar a volta, Que vai restar de nós?,Nas vagas do tempo

The Booksmovie (Spain, April 2016) 
Barbarians  (Listen to it ) Dara Shikoh

Sarasvati Quarterly (UK, Feb 2016)
Jatras(festivals) of Nepal 

Mud Season Review ( USA  Feb 2016)
Four leading figures of Nepal

Eastlit (December 2015)
The National Chorten, In Punakha Dzong

The Enchanting Verses Literary Review (November 2015)
Changu Narayan, Lumbini

The Stony Thursday Book ( Ireland, October 2015)

Drunk Monkeys (Los Angeles, August 2015)
Three Poems

Big Bridge ( August 2015)
Three Poems (Chitwan, Nagarkot, Bandipur)

Şiirden (Turkey, July-August 2015)
Death of Grandpa (in Turkish)

Ashvamegh (India, July 2015)
Two Poems (Final Farewell, Nalanda)

The Byword (India, July 2015)
Six Poems (Mountains, The Himalayas, Sagarmatha, Machhapucchere, Green Gorge, Gupteshwor Falls)

Long Exposure Magazine (UK, June 2015)

Rupantar- An annual literary translation journal of Nepal Academy
Two Poems (in Nepali, June 2015)

The Dhauli Review (India, May 2015)
Six Poems 
(To the Ocean, A Dot, Triptych, To A Nameless Kitten and others)

Spaces Nepal (Kathmandu, March 2015)
Three Poems

Muse India (India March-April 2015)
Four Poems ( A Wish, To A Nameless Kitten, The Pleasure Givers, A Maid's Monologue)

Republica (Nepal, Jan 2015)
Selected Poems from The Seduction of Delhi

Kavya Bharati No.26 (India, 2014)
The Barbarians Are Finally Here, Maids

Of Nepalese Clay (Nepal, Dec 2014)
Two Poems

Madhupark (Nepal, Nov 2014)

Poetry at Sangam (India, Nov 2014) 
Six Poems ( Phuket Girl, Delhi As I am, A Sunday Morning in Bangkok, Farewell Thailand, The Eight-Eyed Lord of Kathmandu, Nalanda)

Poetry Atlas (London, Nov 2014)
Eight Poems ( Bangkok, Chatuchak, Delhi, Kathmandu, Nalanda, Patong, Phi Phi Island, Phuket, Maya Beach, Moscow, St. Petersburg)

The Seventh Quarry (Wales, UK, Oct 2014)
Dara Sikoh and Ghalib

Chiaroscuro Magazine (London, June 2014)
Iron Pillar of Delhi and Other Poems

An Gael (New York)
Summer 2014  Six Poems (Trans. into Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock)

The Caravan (India, May 2014)
Dara Shikoh and other poems ( Dara Shikoh, Ghalib, Iltutmish, Zauq, Dostoevsky, Gogol)

NE Travel & Life (India, April 2014)
In Sikkim

The Missing Slate -Poem of the Week ( South Asia, 11 -18 Feb 2014)

South Asian Poetry Festival Anthology (Kathmandu 2015)
Fewa & Chitwan 

The Journal Of The Poetry Society Of India (2013)
The Flower Girl of Delhi, Shantipath

The Diplomat Magazine (The Hague)
Foreign Service (2013)
Ambassador's Farewell (May 2014)

Of Nepalese Clay (Kathmandu 2014)

Muse India (Hyderabad, 2014)
Six Poems (Delhi, Qutub Minar, Lal Qila, Cannaught Place, Ferozeshah Kotla, Nehru Park)

The Kathmandu Post (2013)
3 Poems (Delhi, The Flower Girl of Delhi, Qutub Minar)
4 poems 

The Enchanting Verses Literary Review
Yamuna & Delhi Auto-Rickshaw

Teesta Rangeet  (Gangtok, April 2013)
6 Poems (Connaught Place, Qutub Minar, Alai Minar, Delhi Auto Rickshaw, Yamuna)

INDIA WRITES (India 2013 )
Portraits of Delhiwallahas
6 Poems    (Security Guards, Maids, Rag-pickers, Bureaucrats, A Flower Girl, A Delhi Immigrant)

La.Lit (Kathmandu 2013) 

Diplomat Magazine (London 2013)
Foreign Service- A Poem

Pratilipi (India, January 2013)
Possessed Idiots and Deadly Demons ( Dostoevsky, Akhmatova, Alexander Blok, Gogol, Pushkin and Natalia)

The Brown Critique ( India, December 2012)
5 poems ( Delhi, Akhmatova, Gogol, The Dark Side Of Life, The Old Lady)

Kritya (India, 2012)
8 poems (The Planet Will Be The Same, The Perfect Truth, Alexander Blok, To The Dreamland and Back, Row On, O' Time, Liberation, Gogol, The Waves of Time, You)

Indian Literature, 269, (India, 2012)
4 poems (A Paradox, What's A Beach, Masseur, Everything Has Secrets)

Невский Альманах
 9 poemsTrans. into Russian by Андрей Родосский or Andrei Rodosskii)

Северная Аврора № 12, 2010 (Severnaya Avrora, St. Petersburg, Russia) 
11 poems (Trans. into Russian by Андрей Родосский or Andrei Rodosskii)