Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Onslaught Press, UK publishes The Eight-Eyed Lord of Kathmandu by Abhay K

About the Book

"In these rapturous poems Abhay K. catches the allure & mystique of Kathmandu; its maze of medieval streets, its thronged bazaars, its twilit courtyards.
We taste the aromas of its ancient alleyways & the drift of incense from its crumbling temples. We hear in them the raucous chant of its life. Abhay K. is the all-seeing eye, the seer who brings to light a city & its people with a rare immediacy of speech and a boundless imaginative empathy.
This young, visionary poet communes beautifully with his beloved Kathmandu in a superbly crafted, exquisitely achieved collection that chronicles the life and times of a city and a people."

"(A) splendid sequence of praise, dazzlement, and wonder." -- Vijay Seshadri, Winner, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

The Book is available on the website of The Onslaught Press and from Amazon UK.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Abhay K, Monalisa Jena, Edgar Leite, K. Siva Reddy, Shafi Shauq, Leonardo Ananda Gomes at Indian Literature Festival in Rio

International Gallerie features two poems of Abhay K

A New Brazilian Anthology edited by Marcos Freitas features three poems by Abhay K.

World Atlas features an entry on Earth Anthem by Abhay K.

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Pandu, the masseur in Goa by Abhay K, published in Correio Brsiliense

CAPITALS at the National Library of Singapore

The Partitioned Land : A Poem by Abhay K

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What does 'Freedom' mean to Abhay K.

Abhay K., at the Buriti Palace with the Governor and the First Lady of Brasilia in August 2017